Squangle Bar Kit, Deluxe


Squangle Bars, Support transmissions and other drive train components with ease. Safe, easy and Very Professional. Example 1 : Secure your transmission to the transmission jack easily, no more fighting with straps or chains that allow the transmission to shift position or fall from the jack. Example 2 : When removing a transmission for rebuilding and you need to move the car out of the shop, Squangle Bars allow you to support the engine as if there were still a transmission in the carFREE SHIPPING in the USA

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No more drive train parts falling off the transmission jack or power train handler. Be safe, more precise and very professional. The Squangle Bar deluxe kit, SQB-8 includes 2 updated short mount flags, 2 long attachment flags, 2 straight bars, 2 L arms, 4 Squangle block assemblies and 2 attachment spacers.



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